The De Bruin Law Firm represents many various types of businesses, in industries including software, construction, national and international manufacturers, real estate, national and international distributors, and local startups. We represent these companies in the majority of their legal matters. If you provide the service or a product to the general public, we have experience representing an area that you probably serve.

Although we are more selective with who we represent, we do also serve select nonprofit clients. This covers areas of business from brick and mortar stores to completely cloud-based services, such as tech companies.

What questions should I ask before starting a new business?

When you start your new business, the first thing you should always ask is what the purpose of your business is. Are you going to provide a service for people, or are you going to provide a product? The next question you should as is what your ideal kind of customer is. This will help you narrow down your industry and your market. If you are a first time business owner, it may take a little bit of time to really grasp what it means to discern who your ideal client and customer is.

Next, you can decide if you are going to be a brick and mortar store or if you are going to be online based. Another important thing to decide is how you are going to market yourself to your target audience.

From there, you can ask some more specific questions, such as, how are you going to raise capital? Are you going to be an LLC, in which every employee has a day to day activity, or a corporation, in which you have investors? Deciding which entity formation will play a large role in the growth of your business from that point on.

What qualities should I look for when retaining a business law attorney?

When selecting a business law attorney, the first thing you should look for is an attorney that has experience in the nature of your business. This means finding someone who has handled business plans like yours and has experience in with your marketed objectives and goals going forward. Next, it’s important to find an attorney that is experienced in business planning. When big decisions arise, it is easy to become reactionary when something happens. This can be expensive and inefficient for your business. If you have an attorney that has experience in handling startups and established companies, they can lay out a business plan based on your objectives and goals in order to help navigate obstacles that arise.

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Gary De Bruin

Gary De Bruin has been a businessman and practicing attorney for more than 20 years. Gary’s experience as both a businessman and an attorney provides his clients with unique, tailored advice for the numerous legal concerns they may have.