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  • What a blessing to have such a solid team to advise us on all of our legal matters from personal estate planning to business protection. We are very thankful to have found Aaron and his family and look forward to many years of being represented by such a professional law firm.

    Saint B. Avatar
    Saint B.
  • Bryan was our attorney for our real estate closing and he was excellent. Bryan was very prompt to respond to any of our concerns and questions and very helpful with the whole process. Bryan also followed up with us after closing to ensure we our move went well and address any concerns we had once in our home. I would definitely use this firm again for our legal needs and recommend to anyone.

    Thomas N. Avatar
    Thomas N.
  • Arron was very professional in handling our legal needs.Great experience. We will certainly recommend this firm to our family and friends.

    Sarah L. Avatar
    Sarah L.
  • I had Mr Aaron De Bruin to represent me on a family case and i thought he did an outstanding job. He made himself easily accessible. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call him and reach him at any time. Any questions I had he would answer them in a swift manner. Also before he made any decission he would ruin them by me first. I would recommend The De Bruin Law Firm to anyone i know that needs a lawyer. Thank you Mr. De Bruin.

    Jymel J. Avatar
    Jymel J.
  • I chose the De Bruin Law Firm to represent me after I was arrested for DUI. Aaron, my attorney, worked hard on my case and I was pleased with the outcome. His professionalism and punctuality in response to my questions and concerns was a true testament that he was dedicated to representing me and my case. These stressful times were definitely a relief with Aaron on my side. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing legal advice and professional representation.

    Zach S. Avatar
    Zach S.

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Law Will and Testament




Power of Attorney



Real Estate Law



Residential Real Estate Closings


Commercial Real Estate Closings


Quiet Title Actions


Quit Claim Deeds

Business Law



Mergers and Acquisitions


Entity Formation


Contract Drafting and Review


General Counsel Services

Criminal Law



DUI Defense


Assault Charges


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About Our Firm

Greenville Attorneys 

The De Bruin Law Firm strives to deliver preeminent legal services based on sound legal counsel, strategic planning, and persuasive advocacy. Although our Greenville lawyers are experienced litigators with a track record of success in civil and criminal courtrooms, we recognize that a well thought out and skillfully executed estate plan and an uneventful real estate closing will be preferable to costly and time-consuming litigation. Our law firm is committed to providing legal services focused on resolving legal problems and disputes in ways that promote the best interests and objectives of our clients. The attorneys at the De Bruin Law Firm also know that the amicable resolution of legal issues cannot always be accomplished without effective litigation. Our attorneys understand that dealing with the legal process can be complex and stressful, but our clients appreciate our candid advice, prompt replies to client inquiries, and dogged pursuit of the best interests of our clients. Our attorneys are committed to the principle that every client deserves the expertise, resources, and experience of a big firm combined with the personal service of a small firm. The dedication of our attorneys to these principles has enabled our law firm to garner a wealth of awards and 5-star reviews, such as:


• Highest 5-Star Rating on AVVO (Rates every attorney in the United States)

• Selection of Aaron De Bruin as one of Greenville’s “Elite Criminal Defense Attorneys”

• Dozens of 5-Star Reviews posted on AVVO, Google, Yelp, and similar sites

Greenville Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys
Greenville Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys

While estate planning tends to be a task that many people postpone, our Greenville estate planning attorneys understand that the lack of an effective estate plan can weigh heavily on your loved ones. Our lawyers evaluate your financial needs, family relationships, and other relevant factors to develop an estate plan that addresses all of your concerns and needs, such as:

  • Legacy Succession
  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Business Succession

At the De Bruin Law Firm, our estate planning attorneys focus on client communication, so we can properly assess your needs and goals. A well-designed estate plan can ensure that your family will have the financial resources to maintain their lifestyle without the potential delays and expense associated with probate and/or intestate succession. We also assist clients with ensuring their dignity and preferences are honored regarding healthcare and medical needs, as well as incapacity planning.

We also provide effective representation when our client is involved in administering or contesting a will or trust.


Real Estate Closings
Real Estate Transactions

Whether we are representing a buyer, seller, or real estate professional, we offer experience derived from our handling of a multitude of residential and commercial closings throughout South Carolina. Our attorneys understand that the buying or selling of a home will constitute the most significant investment for many of our clients. Given the importance of buying a family home or acquiring a commercial property for development, we are committed to answering your questions, preempting potential problems, and representing your interests at closings. Our South Carolina real estate attorneys also are experienced trial attorneys, so we are prepared to proceed to litigation to protect our clients’ interests.


Business Law
Business Representation

While a skilled South Carolina business law attorney must wield expertise regarding the laws that affect the efficiency, liability, and profitability of businesses. Mastery of the law is only a starting point. Whether you are a board member or officer of a large corporation or a small business owner, you will benefit from working with attorneys with extensive experience starting and growing their own businesses. Gary De Bruin has spent over 25 years successfully building and managing businesses throughout the country. Whether you need business formation services, analysis of a buy-sell agreement, legal counsel regarding regulations, or representation in commercial litigation, our law firm offers efficient use of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) strategies to avoid the expense, disruption, and distraction associated with litigation. However, we are prepared to proceed to trial when it constitutes the best option for pursuing the interests of our clients.


Mergers and Acqusitions
M&A Representation

The successful sell, purchase, or merger of a business involves a multi-faceted transaction with lots of moving parts, which means there are many opportunities for things to go wrong.  Our Greenville, S.C. mergers and acquisitions attorneys provide informed legal advice to our clients when they are selecting a target company or conducting the due diligence process.  The process of combining, buying, selling or dividing the assets of two companies and issuing new stock often gives rise to a multitude of issues that need to be analyzed by a mergers and acquisitions lawyer.

When our South Carolina business lawyers represent clients in these types of commercial transactions, we draw on our experience in drafting buy-and-sell agreements, business formation, and evaluation of tax and/or regulatory issues.  Some of the issues our South Carolina corporate attorneys can review for clients include:

  • Highlighting tax issues to be raised based on alternatives being considered
  • Identifying and analyzing the precise assets to be acquired or purchased
  • Strategic planning in structuring the transaction and anticipating potential issues
  • Drafting of relevant documents
  • Evaluating any potential liabilities associated with the target company or the merger and acquisition

We have the knowledge and experience with contracts, potential liabilities, financial audits, and tax issues you will want behind you.  More specifically, we can assist you in the following ways:

  • Preparation of Documents: We artfully draft letters of intent to commence the merger and acquisition process.
  • Conducting Audits: Our attorneys undertake detailed audits of the target company to facilitate evaluation of the deal and to secure financing.
  • Analyzing Tax Considerations: We engage in a thorough review of potential strategies to maximum tax advantages and minimum tax liabilities.
  • Engaging in Due Diligence Process: Our experienced business lawyers in Greenville can conduct a due diligence analysis to ascertain contractual, environmental, or employment law regulatory risks and potential litigation.

At the De Bruin Law Firm, our lawyers recognize that one size does not fit all, so our South Carolina mergers and acquisitions attorneys dedicate sufficient time to obtain a thorough understanding of your business.  We are committed to adding value to the acquisition, merger, or sale process by developing a complete awareness of the best way to achieve your objectives while mitigating risks.  We represent the full spectrum of parties involved in M&A transactions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Boards and board committees
  • Public and private companies
  • Investment bankers
  • Strategic buyers and sellers
  • Venture capital funds
  • Closely-held companies
  • Lenders
  • Private equity firms
  • Management


Criminal Law
Criminal Defense & DUI Defense

When law enforcement authorities arrest you or make you the target of an investigation, your future will instantly be clouded in uncertainty and doubt. When your legal rights, reputation, and liberty are endangered by misdemeanor or felony charges, our Greenville criminal defense attorneys fight to protect our clients’ future. Our law firm handles a broad range of criminal charges in the state and federal courts of South Carolina.

The experience and candid communication of our criminal defense lawyers provide a reassuring presence to individuals who have had their lives turned upside down by criminal charges. Aaron De Bruin combines a track record of extensive litigation experience as a former Judge Advocate General in the Marine Corp. with eight years of representing clients in criminal matters ranging from DUI to serious felonies. Our criminal defense lawyers’ anticipation of prosecutorial tactics, mastery of South Carolina criminal law, and commitment to protecting the rights of those facing arrests and law enforcement investigations provide the foundation for an effective well-planned defense.


Our Greenville Attorneys

Aaron De Bruin, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning and Criminal Law

Gary De Bruin, Esq.

Business Law Attorney

Estate Planning and Business Law

Bryan De Bruin, Esq.

Business Law Attorney

Business Law and Real Estate

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Greenville Law Firm

The De Bruin Law Firm is a full-service law firm located in Greenville, South Carolina. The goal of our Greenville Attorneys in serving our clients is to provide the information and confidence needed to navigate the legal system while advocating for their interests. We handle a wide variety of legal matters for both our South Carolina clients, and our national and international clients. Our experienced attorneys focus on specific practice areas, allowing for our dynamic approach to being a dependable, full-service law firm. At the De Bruin Law Firm, we understand every person’s situation is unique; therefore, every person’s legal issue is also unique. Our legal counsel will always be reflected with that understanding in mind. That is why we strive to provide every client efficient solutions to their legal needs. Our areas of practice include:


     • Business Law 
     • Real Estate Closings
     • Estate Planning
     • Probate Administration
     • Civil Litigation
     • Criminal Defense