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Owning a successful business is an amazing accomplishment and while the hours are often long, the result is usually well worth it. At the De Bruin Law Firm we strive to help our business law client’s succeed. As both business law attorneys and small business owner’s ourselves, our business lawyers bring a unique perspective to the table. Whether your starting a business and wanting to make sure your business starts with the right foundation, or you’ve already begun building your business and need help taking it to the next level, we are here to help.

Our Attorney’s provide both legal services and legal counsel regarding business law in industries like:

  1. Retail
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Technology and Software Development
  4. Real Estate Investing, Development, and Construction
  5. Freelance service providers
  6. Professional service providers
  7. Sales and Marketing

As Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding Upstate continues to grow so will the need for quality business law attorneys to help guide businesses and their owners. Our business minded lawyers will strive to help you move your business forward, overcoming the challenges limiting your growth, and accomplish your goals. If you need legal services regarding your business, our business law attorneys are here to help.

Business Law Services

Starting a Business

A successful business requires a strong foundation. Structuring your business entity with your goals in mind can help prevent many of the unfortunate pitfalls business owner’s face throughout their businesses life-cycle. Let our attorneys help you get started with the appropriate entity formation for you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions can involve companies large and small. Our business law team has the experience necessary to guide your business through the purchasing or selling of a business. If its an acquisition, sale, company restructuring, or top to bottom merger, our attorneys can help.

Business Development

We understand that not everyone has a legal or business background. Often times our clients have found they are successful at doing something they enjoy and want to make a living doing it. Our business development attorneys can help you prepare a business plan to map out your companies goals. Whether your a sole proprietor, a newly formed startup, or a large corporation, we are here to provide the legal counsel necessary to help grow your business.

Small Business Counsel

Not all businesses can afford a dedicated team of in house lawyers. Our Small Business Counsel plan is aimed at helping business owners budget their necessary legal fees through a manageable monthly service plan.


Protecting your companies marks and brand is a crucial aspect of a successful business enterprise. Let our attorneys help guide you through the appropriate trademark registration to most effectively protect your businesses interests.

Contract Law

Legal agreements can have significant variations depending on the parties involved, the industry, and the objectives of the parties involved. Our business minded lawyers draft, review, and counsel clients on the necessary contract law to help create lasting business relationships.

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What Our Clients Say

  • When I have been involved in a real estate closing, a Will, a Trust or a Debt recovery, the legal team at the DeBruin Law Firm have been a great help to me. Gary, Aaron and Bryan are great attorneys and very easy to deal with. They are able to handle all sorts of legal matters with a no-nonsense approach and I consider them a great asset.

    J T. Avatar J T.
  • We were first time buyers and needed a lot of hand-holding. De Bruin Law Firm made everything easier to follow and got as detailed as we needed. Our home-buying process went without a hitch thanks to our awesome agent and De Bruin Law Firm!

    Blake H. Avatar Blake H.
  • What a blessing to have such a solid team to advise us on all of our legal matters from personal estate planning to business protection. We are very thankful to have found Aaron and his family and look forward to many years of being represented by such a professional law firm.

    Saint B. Avatar Saint B.
  • Bryan set up my LLC for me. The process was smooth and was all done with no hassle.

    Chuck N. Avatar Chuck N.
  • What a blessing to have such a solid team to advise us on all of our legal matters from personal estate planning to business protection. We are very thankful to have found Aaron and his family and look forward to many years of being represented by such a professional law firm.

    Stephanie M. Avatar Stephanie M.
  • I had Mr Aaron De Bruin to represent me on a family case and i thought he did an outstanding job. He made himself easily accessible. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call him and reach him at any time. Any questions I had he would answer them in a swift manner. Also before he made any decission he would ruin them by me first. I would recommend The De Bruin Law Firm to anyone i know that needs a lawyer. Thank you Mr. De Bruin.

    Jymel J. Avatar Jymel J.
  • Bryan was our attorney for our real estate closing and he was excellent. Bryan was very prompt to respond to any of our concerns and questions and very helpful with the whole process. Bryan also followed up with us after closing to ensure we our move went well and address any concerns we had once in our home. I would definitely use this firm again for our legal needs and recommend to anyone.

    Thomas N. Avatar Thomas N.
  • Aaron worked on both of my cases & both ended up great ! Would highly recommend

    Brianna E. Avatar Brianna E.
  • Excellent customer service! Our paralegal, Katie, was wonderful with communication and executing all documents for home buying and selling. We will definitely recommend De Bruin Law and use them again. Thanks Katie and kudos to your super staff!

    Eric and Elizabeth

    Eric S. Avatar Eric S.
  • Very pleased with the work Aaron did for our family! Professional & 5 Star quality work! Would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone needing legal help!

    vannessa c. Avatar vannessa c.

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Business Law Attorney

At the De Bruin Law Firm we provide legal counsel regarding business matters to a variety of industries. Our extensive first hand business experience helps set us apart from other firms in that both of our business law attorneys have built successful businesses in addition to their legal practices.

Whether your a tech startup or an international manufacturer looking to establish yourself in the U.S. market, we can help. Our business law services are designed to help our clients structure their businesses for growth with an eye always on the future. To ensure your business has the necessary fountain to scale and grow we start first with a review of your entity’s structure and your current business goals.


The experience of the De Bruin Law Firm’s business law attorney allows clients to receive all-inclusive legal counsel quickly and efficiently. Large corporations often employ their own in-house counsel to advise and direct management on the implementation of corporate strategy; manage the daily legal function of the corporation, and when needed, oversee the work of outside counsel. Most small businesses don’t have a need to have attorneys on staff acting as in-house counsel, nor can they afford to. For small businesses, The De Bruin Law Firm often acts as general counsel, providing the same legal direction to business owners and their management, as well as providing comprehensive strategies dedicated to the growth of the business.

The benefits of having the De Bruin Law Firm act as a business’s general counsel is efficiency and effectiveness. As the global economy continues to expand, so do government regulations. It’s important to have a firm capable of handling both the legal tasks as well as providing a proactive legal approach to the expansion of a business.


Deciding how to structure and incorporate a business is often the first and one of the most important decisions made when starting or re-organizing a business. Typically, shielding individuals from personal liability is the primary purpose for most entity formations. However, other factors, like how a business and its owners/shareholders are taxed, how the business can expand, and recently, employee health insurance issues, also play a part in determining how a business is formed. Before a business begins operating, it’s important to incorporate with the South Carolina Secretary of State. An experienced business law attorney can help navigate the entity formation process and ensure the business’s incorporation aligns with the future goals of the business. The De Bruin Law Firm’s business attorneys handle business formations and reorganizations in South Carolina. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, our business law attorneys will help you determine which business entity structure is appropriate for your goals. The types of South Carolina business entities we help structure and incorporate include:

  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Statutory Close Corporations (South Carolina)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC’s)
  • Contract Review & Negotiation

Unfortunately, many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even corporations don’t have an attorney review their business contracts until after an issue occurs. It’s even more unfortunate that many of these issues that face businesses can be avoided with a diligent review and subsequent negotiation of business contracts before entering into them. Having an attorney review, advise, and negotiate the terms of a contract prior to its execution is pivotal to preventing a business from entering into an unfair contract while also preserving business relationships necessary for success. When performing a comprehensive review of business contracts, the focus of our business law attorneys is always to provide effective solutions while efficiently meeting

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