Depending on the size of your business, you may not need an attorney as in-house counsel or on your staff and payroll. However, it is always a good idea to have a strong relationship with an attorney so you feel comfortable picking up the phone to ask questions. Whether those questions happen once a week or every six months, your trusted attorney needs to be someone that is competent and regularly available to handle issues that arise in your business.

Does your firm work on a retainer with client or on as needed basis?

For smaller businesses, if it’s a work as needed basis, we can give you pretty good estimate of what that work’s going to entail. If the work determines that there needs to be a retainer, we’ll let you know well in advance for that also.

The larger businesses are the ones that typically need an attorney on retainer on a month by month basis. For larger businesses that have ongoing daily functions that require the use of an attorney, we have found it’s in their best interest financially to hire us rather than hire their own in-house counsel. We can act as general counsel outside of their payroll in the day-to-day things they need.

What are the disadvantages of not proactively hiring a business law attorney?

The disadvantages of not proactively hiring a business attorney depends on the nature of your business. On a general scale, however, it is our job to know what might throw up red flags. The more comprehensive approach we have together as far as your business plan and your goals, the better able we’ll be to point out some of those red flags prior to them arising.

What are the resolutions or assistance that your firm can provide to potential clients?

We provide a variety of services to our business law clients, including debt collection, litigation, business restructuring, and more. We will help you through any sort of business restructuring and contract related matters, as well as represent the business. If there are significant employment issues that you need help with, we have the experience necessary to help you and guide you through these issues as well.

In addition to creating new agreements does your firm assist in reviewing and modifying existing agreements or contracts?

The De Bruin Law Firm assists with reviewing and modifying existing agreements and contracts. We can also do a document review, even if the documents have been previously executed. This often happens with new clients who have existing shareholder or operating agreements. We encourage existing document reviews for all of our clients. These reviews enable us to see where you were prior to coming to us—if there’s anything that needs to be addressed, we can resolve it before it becomes an issue.

Does your firm litigate business matters? 

We typically litigate matters in which we are already actively representing the business. We are truly selective on cases we litigate. If it’s a situation in which a business or a business owner comes to us because we have represented them in the past, we will handle that on a case-by-case basis. Our clients require our attention actively, and litigation is very time-consuming. If we are unable to represent that new business in a litigation matter, we certainly will refer to another trusted litigator.

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