We commonly represent business law clients in South Carolina, dealing with technology and software development, manufacturing, professional services, and a multitude of other industries . A portion of our clients are bootstrap startup companies that are trying to grow not just organically in South Carolina, but also with a new and innovative idea. We also represent both manufacturers and service industries, whether they are builders, developers, or if they make specific products, cabinetry, custom metal work, etc.

We also have a large pool of international clients, specifically in the dental industry, and a few other industries that are trying to get their products to market in the United States. We represent them and assist them to gain compliancy with US government laws as well as helping to sort out their infrastructure in the United States, whether that’s shipping, accounting, employment, staffing, or human relations.

What is the role of an attorney in business planning and formation?

As your business planning attorneys, we find the most efficient solution to your business’s everyday problems…for example, if you’re selling your product in other states, how do you make sure that you are complying with all the laws from state to state? Or, if you have an agreement with a shareholder or a vendor, how do you make sure that you’re both protected while also ensuring that it is an efficient agreement that will allow you to go forward within your business relationships with others, and simultaneously protect your interests?

Solving these problems on a day to day basis is one of the things that our clients have said that they’ve enjoyed about us. We have several repeat customers and referrals because we do our best to make sure that your business relationships overcome a lot of the hurdles that end up leading to litigation.

What are the different corporate services that you provide to clients?

We handle the review process of any business agreement, any kind of contract, as well as the creation of business agreements that occur in the day to day between clients and vendors, customers and clients, from studios that need membership agreements to major mergers and acquisitions and shareholder buyouts. We have handled it all and we handle it regularly.

Why is an attorney needed when buying or selling a business?

The most important part of buying or selling a business is communication. Whenever you’re buying or selling a business, as well as in a merger or acquisition, there are a lot of moving parts. One of the attorney’s jobs is to make sure the communication is present between all parties and being able to effectively communicate a client’s position to the other side in a way that keeps everything moving forward. At the end of the day, whether your client is buying or selling the business, there’s a desire to go forward in that process. It’s our job to both protect their interests, but at the same time, not be the reason why it stalls. Our job is to make sure that everybody is in the loop and, first and foremost, protect our clients.

What are the common business related lawsuits that you handle?

The majority of lawsuits that we handle arise from agreements or contracts, prior to our representation, in which a potential client or business comes to us after finding that they have a disagreement with someone over this agreement or contract.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of people getting stock contracts off illegitimate websites. We had one situation in which someone came to us thinking they had bought a business. They had not. The contract that they had signed was for the purchase of equipment. The business that they thought they were buying was a completely online business without any equipment. Occasionally we have situations like that, where unfortunately, because an individual didn’t seek legal counsel or legal representation in the beginning, now they’re at a position where it’s at litigation and it could have been avoided.

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Gary De Bruin

Gary De Bruin has been a businessman and practicing attorney for more than 20 years. Gary’s experience as both a businessman and an attorney provides his clients with unique, tailored advice for the numerous legal concerns they may have.