One of the most important things to remember about protecting your business from a potential lawsuit is remembering that there is no way to protect yourself from everything. In this day and age, anybody can file a lawsuit for any reason. The merit of the lawsuit can be determined later on, but there is no way to protect yourself from a lawsuit being filed against your company. The best way to protect yourself from a claim or lawsuit is to create processes and systems within your business that you are dedicated to. If you have a system for billing vendors, you should adhere to that system. This creates document and paper trails that you can refer to if needed, and also creates stability within your company.

What are some alternatives to business litigation?

Settlement and negotiations can always take place before litigation. Even if you believe you will win, litigation is time consuming and not always the best way to go about things. Resolving the issue prior to litigation is in the best interest of both parties. If that’s the situation, we’ll certainly make you aware of it. We seek to negotiate with other parties and attorneys while simultaneously not disrupting your daily business functions. However, if the other party is not willing to resolve an issue, litigation may be your only choice.

This is sometimes caused by a breakdown in communication, and the only way to get that communication started again and resolve issues is to litigate. These situations are considered forced communication, which causes both parties to come to the table and seek a way to resolve an issue.

Why do businesses really need a business law attorney?

It’s important to remember that you don’t know what you don’t know. Business law is very extensive, and although several issues can be researched, the problem is if you’re missing something, you may not be aware of what it is that you are missing. If you think you are doing everything right legally as your business moves and you are answering these questions because you’ve done your own research, you could be right, but you could also be wrong. It is much better to have someone tell you that you are wrong up front, so you are able to fix it, than to have the court tell you later on that you are wrong.

At the end of the day, business law attorneys at our firm feel that it is our job to help you navigate. The businesses that we see get themselves into the most trouble are the ones that feel that it’s just better to do it on their own to save money. Oftentimes, the desire to save money today means spending twice as much tomorrow.

At the De Bruin Law Firm, we are business owners, so we understand that. It isn’t easy to decide to pay someone for a service that you think you may be able to do on your own. You always need to ask yourself, what is the best thing for my business? The pain and complications involved in litigation aren’t a good thing for your business. At the end of the day, your business is about providing a product or service. Anything that takes away from that should be dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our belief is that having a business law attorney will help you with a lot of the issues that arise in the life cycle of your business.

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Gary De Bruin

Gary De Bruin has been a businessman and practicing attorney for more than 20 years. Gary’s experience as both a businessman and an attorney provides his clients with unique, tailored advice for the numerous legal concerns they may have.