We’ve all heard of a DUI, or driving under the influence. But did you know there are upwards of six or more acronyms that describe different versions of driving under the influence? Different states utilize different terms and punishments for what is essentially the same offense. It’s important to know what the terms and laws are in South Carolina and how they affect your individual situation. Contact De Bruin Law Firm for a free consultation with our expert DUI attorneys. In the meantime, here are the basics you need to know to navigate the acronyms and jargon surrounding DUIs.

Whether a DUI or DWI, the idea is the same. With a DUI they are simply specifying that you were driving. You are operating or driving something under the influence of either alcohol or some other substance. Either of these actions followed by “WI” stands for while intoxicated. Similarly, “DUIL” stands for under the influence of liquor. A DUIL is one of the few that is very specific to alcohol consumption.

The two components that is important to note in these acronyms are the operating or driving some vehicle and consumption of a regulated substance. What some people forget is that to receive a DUI you don’t necessarily have to be driving a car. You could be operating a golf cart, riding a bicycle, or even riding a horse in some states while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Aaron De Bruin

Aaron De Bruin is an Estate Planning and Criminal Defense attorney serving Greenville, SC and the surrounding upstate. Aaron fights for the rights of every one of his clients works hard to make sure they are treated fairly – no matter how small or large a legal case may be.