Aaron De Bruin Selected As One of Greenville’s Elite Attorneys for Estate Planning and Tax Law

Congratulations attorney Aaron De Bruin of the De Bruin Law Firm was named by Greenville Business Magazine as one of Greenville’s elite attorneys for Estate Planning.

“Winning any award is an honor, but winning this award makes me feel very undeserving,” Aaron says, “It’s humbling to be awarded a title by your peers.”

In his work in estate planning, Aaron assists clients throughout South Carolina who need wills and trusts. Estate planning primarily entails protecting your assets upon your death and making sure they are distributed according to your wishes. Estate plans are essential to taking care of your family after you die.

A will is anything that goes through the probate process, whereas a trust can avoid probate by assigning an asset to the trust, eliminating the need for probate. Trusts are protected against creditors and government agencies, and can be used as a shield for family members to maintain eligibility in government programs.

Aaron primarily focuses his practice in the areas of  Estate Planning, Probate and Criminal Defense at De Bruin Law Firm. Located just off Wade Hampton Boulevard at 16 Wellington Ave,  near the new NorthPointe Develpment Project  in Greenville, South Carolina.

De Bruin Law Firm: A Family Centered Law Firm

Aaron began his legal career in the Marines as a judge advocate, helping deploying marines and their families set up estate plans. From here, he began his career as a prosecutor and eventually transitioned into private practice with his father Gary De Bruin and his brother Bryan De Bruin at De Bruin Law Firm. Aaron can be contacted at 864-982-5930 or my visiting the De Bruin Law Firm website at DeBruinLawFirm.com.

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The attorneys at the De Bruin Law Firm understand that estate matters are emotional and stressful. We are available to provide objective advice and guidance to our clients. To schedule a free consultation, call 864-982-5930 or use the link below.

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The attorneys at the De Bruin Law Firm understand that Estate Matters can be difficult to understand and plan for. We are available to provide our clients advice and guidance during the Estate Planning Process. To view common fees associated with an Estate Plan please call us at 864-982-5930 or use the link below to view some of our common Estate Planning Fees.