Real estate transactions are not only major purchases or sales for most people but are actually major life events. When people make the decision to sell their home or to purchase a new one they are laying a lot on the line, which means that the experience can be emotional and stressful as well. The best real estate professionals understand this reality and work to provide their clients with expert advice.

At De Bruin Law Firm, we understand how important our role in real estate transactions is and we strive to make the process of purchasing or selling a home run as smoothly as possible.

Effective communication

Part of our role in real estate transactions is to ensure that we are coordinating with all of the people necessary to make the transaction go forward. This means communicating with the other attorney, with agents, home inspectors, lenders, insurance companies, and others. There are many people involved in the process of buying and selling real estate, and it is important to have someone orchestrating the communications between all of these people in order to ensure that everything needed is acquired in time for the closing.

Title searches and insurance

When we serve as the closing attorney, we look carefully into the title for the property being bought and sold. It is important to know that there is nothing that will impact the new buyer’s ownership of the property. We also work with title insurance companies to arrange title insurance which provides the buyer with peace of mind and is necessary from the lender’s perspective to ensure that they have the first lien on the property in question.

Closing the deal

The day of the closing is where the transaction happens. When we perform real estate closings, we ensure that the proper documents are present and that the funds are being transferred to the correct places. Closings are a big deal to clients. When they close on their purchase or sale, the decision they made finally becomes a reality. We want our clients to view that day with excitement. They are starting something new, and they should walk away feeling happy and ready to take on the challenges ahead of them, such as moving into a new home. We understand that our clients have a lot on their minds beyond the documents that we handle, and we want them to feel able to focus on the positive aspects of the process, and not on the closing paperwork.

By putting in the time and energy to ensure that we have everything we need the day of the closing and that the transaction goes well, we can provide clients with a positive experience. When they walk away from the closing they should know that everything has been handled in a professional and organized way. Our efforts to provide a seamless transaction benefits not only the client but the agents as well because the clients will walk away having had a pleasant closing experience.

If you are buying or selling a home in South Carolina, contact De Bruin Law Firm at 864-982-5930 to discuss how our dedicated attorneys can help make this experience a positive one for you and your family.

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