You may not have discussed inheritance with your children yet, but it is an important conversation to have. Most families prefer to avoid conversations about this issue because it requires acknowledging the inevitability of death. However, by discussing these issues now, you can save your children conflict and distress after you have passed. Here are some of the reasons why it’s pertinent for you to have the uncomfortable conversation now.

Minimize Chances Of Will Contest

Communicating the details of your inheritances now will inform your children about your intentions and avoid surprises down the line. If you don’t have the conversation, you run the risk of your child becoming livid and contesting the will after your death. For example, there are cases in which it makes sense to distribute more inheritance to one child than the other for tax reasons. This can create obvious issues if your children don’t have an understanding of your motivations. Ensure that your will distributes your inheritances with minimal conflict by discussing these issues now.

Respect Everyone’s Wishes

Additionally, having these discussions ensures that your decisions respects your wishes as well as your loved ones’. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises after your passing, and ensure that everyone is comfortable. For example, your will also dictates the power of attorney and executor roles. By having this conversation now, you can ensure that whoever you wish to name can take on the role should it be necessary.

Address Any Issues Now

Additionally, when you discuss inheritances and your will with your children, you can determine if there any other issues that may arise that may prevent your assets from being properly distributed. For example, let’s say there is money in a joint bank account shared by a parent and one child. If that money is intended to go to another child, it must be transferred from the joint account into a trust; otherwise, the money automatically goes to the child who is on the joint bank account. Addressing these issues now ensures that your plans go as intended.

Discussing inheritance now will save your children distress in the future. Having a proper will in place will help as well. Without a valid will, your inheritance is at the mercy of South Carolina inheritance laws, which may not match your wishes. If you need an estate planning attorney to help you navigate this process, The De Bruin Law Firm may be able to help you. We have experience in estate planning, and care about ensuring that your wishes are met. Contact us today.

Gary De Bruin

Gary De Bruin has been a businessman and practicing attorney for more than 20 years. Gary’s experience as both a businessman and an attorney provides his clients with unique, tailored advice for the numerous legal concerns they may have.