Yes, we believe it’s always advisable to seek legal assistance when funding a trust, especially when you’re dealing with the nuances of what type of trust you want, what type of assets you want placed in the trust, determining the list of assets, understanding the tax-related consequences of how items will be titled if they are transferred, long-term issues like Medicaid eligibility, five-year look back periods, the effect that the trust may have on long-term care situations, penalty clauses, spouse issues involving joint trusts, etc. All of these things have their own requirements and consequences, so it’s always advisable to seek legal counsel from someone who handles estate planning and can help you through this minefield.

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Aaron De Bruin

Aaron De Bruin is an Estate Planning and Criminal Defense attorney serving Greenville, SC and the surrounding upstate. Aaron fights for the rights of every one of his clients works hard to make sure they are treated fairly – no matter how small or large a legal case may be.