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How can someone protect their business from potential lawsuits?

One of the most important things to remember about protecting your business from a potential lawsuit is remembering that there […]

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What are some examples of businesses and companies you work with?

The De Bruin Law Firm represents many various types of businesses, in industries including software, construction, national and international manufacturers, […]

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What are the common business law matters that you handle?

We commonly represent business law clients in South Carolina, dealing with technology and software development, manufacturing, professional services, and a […]

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What are some issues associated with buying or selling a business?

The first issue to address when you buy an existing business is the role of the seller in your new […]

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What Is an Estate Plan? What Does It Consist of?

Estate planning is not limited to people with a large amount of assets. It is not in any way, shape, […]

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What Does It Mean To Actually Fund A Trust?

Funding a trust simply means taking assets that are titled in your name, and transferring them to your trust. By […]

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What Are The Components That Make Up An Effective Trust?

A Trust has three major components. The first is the detailed instruction about the administration of the Trust itself. This […]

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What Actually Is a Trust?

A Trust is a fiduciary relationship between parties, and it allows a Trustee to hold assets on behalf of a […]

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Can I Add An Asset To My Trust At Any Time?

Absolutely, you can add assets to a trust at any time. This can be done by titling the asset from […]

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Advantages of Avoiding Probate

There are several important advantages that come from avoiding the probate process. First, time. If you are the owner of […]

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