“Because Your Future Deserves a Defense”

When you are facing DUI charges, you will have many concerns. One of your major concerns will likely be what the financial costs of this charge will be. In South Carolina, for your first DUI offense, you face a 400 dollar fine. For your second offense, you may need to pay up to 5,100 dollars, and for your third offense, you could pay as much as 6,300 dollars. Beyond the fines, you may also face loss of income due to jail time, and in some cases, you may also have to pay for an ignition interlock, classes, therapy, and higher insurance premiums. All and all, a DUI can cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, you may be tempted to skip hiring a DUI attorney to avoid legal fees. While a DUI lawyer may not be necessary for every case, there are many times when the expense of legal representation will pay off, reducing the overall cost of your DUI case. Here are considerations to make when considering whether a DUI attorney is worth the money.

Severity Of The Case

As stated above, at your first DUI offense, the fine is 400 dollars. When comparing this to legal fees, you may think it better to simply pay up and be done with it. However, the more offenses you commit, the higher the fine will be, as well as the additional costs. When considering the financial aspect of hiring a DUI lawyer, the more serious the case is, the more important it is that you have a DUI defense attorney represent you. A skilled attorney is a deeper understanding of your case than you do, and may be able to find ways to save you money from the high cost of a DUI conviction.


Another consideration to make is how your employment may be affected by your DUI charge. If you face jail time for your DUI, you could lose time at work, which could be extremely costly to you. Even if you can afford the time off, if your employer finds out the reason for your absence, it could put your job in jeopardy. If you do lose your job, it may be more difficult for you to find a new position with a DUI conviction. When you hire an experienced DUI attorney, however, they may be able to help you reduce or avoid jail time by negotiating a plea deal. When comparing the legal fees with the loss of your income, it could certainly pay off to hire an attorney to represent you.

Insurance Costs

One area that people often don’t consider when facing a DUI is the cost of insurance. After a DUI conviction, your premium is likely to see a dramatic increase, or you could even lose your insurance entirely. Car insurance is required in South Carolina, and without it, you cannot drive, which may lead to further issues with your employment if you can’t get to work or if your job requires you to drive. With an attorney representing you, they may be able to help you negotiate a plea deal that reduces charges and therefore does not result in a loss of insurance.

If you are facing DUI charges, hiring an attorney to represent your case could save you money in several different ways. Even if you were driving under the influence, there are situations in which you could have the charges dropped completely, such as if evidence was illegally obtained, or if the police officer who arrested you did not follow proper procedure. A skilled DUI defense attorney can help you by assessing your case and helping you to defend your future in the best way possible. When you need a DUI attorney in South Carolina, contact The De Bruin Law Firm.

Aaron De Bruin

Aaron De Bruin is an Estate Planning and Criminal Defense attorney serving Greenville, SC and the surrounding upstate. Aaron fights for the rights of every one of his clients works hard to make sure they are treated fairly – no matter how small or large a legal case may be.