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Our residential closing team’s customer service and desire to provide the best closing experience possible is what makes us so unique.

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Commercial real estate closing can involve a variety of title headaches. Our real estate closing attorneys provide effective counsel throughout the closing process to help our clients close on their commercial transactions.

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Real Estate Closing Services

The De Bruin Law Firm provides real estate closing services and title insurance throughout South Carolina. Whether you’re a real estate professional, buyer, or seller, real estate matters require a large investment of both your time and money. That investment deserves a real estate law firm dedicated to serving you with efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us for  more information on our real estate attorney services.

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Real Estate Closing Attorney

The De Bruin Law Firm provides real estate closing services and title insurance throughout South Carolina. Whether you’re a real estate professional, buyer, or seller, real estate matters require a large investment of both your time and money. That investment deserves a real estate law firm dedicated to serving you with efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us for  more information on our real estate attorney services.


The home buying experience can often be very exciting, but can be equally stressful. At The De Bruin Law Firm, our real estate closing services are aimed at helping you understand each step of the real estate process. We understand that buying a home is often the largest investment a person will make. We would like the opportunity to help guide you through that investment. We want to make your closing experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


There’s a million reasons someone decides to sell: you’ve outgrown your house, your children are grown, you’ve saved for your dream home, you’re relocating, you need something in the city, you want to live in the country; whatever the reason you want to sell, your home is one of your largest investments, so you want to be sure and plan this out to get the most out of this long-term investment. A real estate closing attorney can help. Our closing services make sure any mortgage satisfactions required to sell your home are taken care of, a deed is drafted and recorded, and you are represented at the closing of your residential property.


A well-drawn contract should protect all parties. It should include: the offering price, down payment, legal description of the property, method of conveying the title, fees to be paid and who will pay them, amount of a deposit, conditions under which the seller and buyer can void the contract, the settlement date, financing arrangements, and a list of appliances, furnishings, and personal property that are being sold with the home.

Once you accept a contract, you then look at closing on the deal.


The road to closing is short, with only a few stops. Generally, all steps are handled by the title and closing agency laid out in your contract. We at the De Bruin Law Firm hope that upon writing an offer, you let your real estate agent know you want us to be used as title and closing firm.

At closing, you will be there with (in some cases) a representative from your lender, your real estate agent, and an attorney who is acting as the closing agent.

As the closing agent, our job is to ensure all the necessary documents are signed and verified and that all funds are properly disbursed.


While the closing of a residential or commercial real estate transaction is a moment to relish, the process also can be stressful and contentious. The buyer and seller will be asked to review and execute a plethora of documents that address property tax allocations, transfer of title, and other key terms of the transaction. These documents are filled with legal terms and technical provisions rather than simple English. When one or both of the parties does not understand the complex provisions in these documents or mistakes are made in the execution of the documents, the outcome of a closing can adversely affect your financial future and life for decades.

Given the enormous consequences of a mistake or misunderstanding during a closing, South Carolina law requires that an attorney be present. South Carolina real estate closing attorneys provide multiple services. The lawyer must ensure that both parties understand the terms and conditions of the transaction. The closing attorney also will review state and federal laws that impact the sale. While an attorney can only represent one party at the closing, the buyer’s lawyer can prepare the mandatory legal documents for the seller.

Although your real estate agent might point you in the direction of an attorney, you have the right to select the lawyer you want to represent your interests at the closing. The buyer and seller often will each have their own lawyer. Our Greenville real estate closing attorneys provide insightful legal advice and personalized attention. We pride ourselves on facilitating uneventful closings whenever possible and zealously protecting our clients’ rights.

Do I need to bring anything to the closing?

Both parties (buyer and seller) need to bring a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, state identification card, or passport. The funds brought by the buyer must be in the form of “certified” funds (e.g. cashier’s check, money order, official bank check, cash, wire transfer, etc.) The payment should be made payable to the trust account of the closing attorney. While the seller needs to bring the keys to the property to the closing, the original deed is unnecessary. The specific items required at a particular closing might vary, so you should follow the instructions of the closing attorney.

When will the funds be released to the seller?

As long as the buyer has brought certified funds to the closing, the seller and the realtor will be paid at the closing table. The closing attorney will have responsibility for filing all subsequent documents with the Register of Deeds.

Can I opt out of having an attorney at my closing to save money?

The practice of law may only be conducted by attorneys in South Carolina. Under South Carolina law, real estate closing-related activities like examining the chain of title for liens, mistakes in deeds, conveyances, encumbrances, and liens are considered the practice of law. The use of a “closing agent” rather than an attorney in South Carolina is both highly risky and illegal.

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  • We are very grateful For Bryan, Gary and Chelsey. They were very patient, worked very hard on our case and we got an amazing outcome. They answered all our questions and concerns in a timely matter and helped us through a tough time and it was always a friendly environment My husband and I would definelty recommend using this firm.

    Catherine N. Avatar Catherine N.
  • Arron was very professional in handling our legal needs.Great experience. We will certainly recommend this firm to our family and friends.

    Sarah L. Avatar Sarah L.
  • What a blessing to have such a solid team to advise us on all of our legal matters from personal estate planning to business protection. We are very thankful to have found Aaron and his family and look forward to many years of being represented by such a professional law firm.

    Saint B. Avatar Saint B.
  • Very pleased with the work Aaron did for our family! Professional & 5 Star quality work! Would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone needing legal help!

    vannessa c. Avatar vannessa c.
  • Great team and always easy to work with.

    Derek H. Avatar Derek H.
  • Bryan was our attorney for our real estate closing and he was excellent. Bryan was very prompt to respond to any of our concerns and questions and very helpful with the whole process. Bryan also followed up with us after closing to ensure we our move went well and address any concerns we had once in our home. I would definitely use this firm again for our legal needs and recommend to anyone.

    Thomas N. Avatar Thomas N.
  • Helped me tremendously with a horrid legal issue. Worked across state lines, and did everything possible to correct an egregious government error.

    Len H. Avatar Len H.
  • I had Mr Aaron De Bruin to represent me on a family case and i thought he did an outstanding job. He made himself easily accessible. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call him and reach him at any time. Any questions I had he would answer them in a swift manner. Also before he made any decission he would ruin them by me first. I would recommend The De Bruin Law Firm to anyone i know that needs a lawyer. Thank you Mr. De Bruin.

    Jymel J. Avatar Jymel J.
  • Awesome Service, Very helpful people at the DeBruin Lawfirm

    Mitchell B. Avatar Mitchell B.
  • Very friendly staff and they assisted me through every step of the closing process!

    Julie G. Avatar Julie G.

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