Author: Aaron De Bruin

What is Bail and How Does it Work?

The American justice system has over 2 million people locked away in jails and prisons. But, what if you knew many innocent people sat away in jail cells with no way out? In most cases, bail is the only way for unconvicted people to get the freedom they need. What is “bailing someone out?” and how does bail work? Read on for a basic lesson in criminal law, the jailing system, and ways to get jailed people their room to breathe.

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South Carolina’s Drunk Driving Laws: What You Need to Know

When you’re arrested for drunken driving in South Carolina, there are several things that are going to happen that will cost you money. These include court appearances, fines, and fees. And these are just the main expenses if you’re a convicted drunk driver. By law, you will also have to pay for DUI school, drinking disorder evaluations, and a higher insurance premium. A South Carolina DUI is a traffic offense, but it’s also a criminal conviction. It is considered one of the most serious misdemeanor offenses in the state’s magistrate and municipal courts. We encourage you to keep reading more below about SC DUI laws in case of an unwanted incident.

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