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Defending Against DUI Convictions:

An arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Greenville, South Carolina is a serious matter. A DUI arrest is a situation that can result in the loss of your job, the loss of your license, having to pay a fine, or even facing jail time. Defending yourself from the penalties and consequences of a DUI can be a difficult and confusing process. The first step in defending your rights is deciding whether you want an attorney to protect your rights and guide you through this daunting process.

The second step is contacting the De Bruin Law Firm to arrange a free case evaluation to determine proper steps to resolving your case. Here at the De Bruin Law Firm, Aaron De Bruin seeks to resolve your case with the most favorable outcome. As a former prosecutor in the United States Marine Corps, Aaron has learned it is best to attack each case on two fronts at the same time. He will work to get you the best deal possible while preparing for trial. That way, you will have all options available when making the decision best for you.

Sometimes, it may seem easier to just plead guilty. Remember though, a DUI is on your record forever. That conviction will follow you into job interviews or school applications. Just because you’re arrested for drunk driving, doesn’t mean that you’re guilty. Often a police officer’s interpretation and perception determine whether a person is arrested for DUI. But perception is not always reality. You have rights, you have a story to tell, and Aaron De Bruin will help tell it.

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What Should I Do After a DUI Arrest?

If you’ve been arrested in the upstate for DUI, you’re likely to spend the night in jail while your charges are processed. Once released, you will have some important decisions to make regarding your future. One of those decisions is whether or not to hire a defense attorney. The South Carolina DUI defense attorney should be someone knowledgeable about South Carolina’s DUI laws and who has experience successfully defending clients accused of driving under the influence in the Upstate. Aaron De Bruin has experience with DUI defense in Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens, and Greenville.
If you’ve taken the first step in defending your rights and you’re ready to meet with Aaron for a free case evaluation, contact the De Bruin Law Firm today.

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