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Let's Move This: How Do I Sell My Business in South Carolina?

Do you have a business you're done running or you want to stop funding while you're ahead? Learn how to sell my business in this post.

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Do You Know How to Form an LLC? Here's Why You Should Let a Lawyer Help

If you're starting a business, you'll want to establish an LLC - especially if you're a small operation. Let a lawyer show you how to form an LLC.

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What Is a Guardian vs Power of Attorney? Your End of Life Titles Guide

When someone is losing their ability to think clearly or is too young to make decisions, there's a legal process. Learn what is a guardian compared to POA.

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Got a DUI? Here are 10 Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

Have you gotten a DUI recently? Here are a few questions to ask DUI lawyers.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your Real Estate Closing

Getting ready to close a deal on a house? Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a real estate closing lawyer.

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4 Reasons Why an Attorney May Recommend Title Insurance

Are you about to purchase a house? Here are 4 reasons why your attorney may recommend owner's title insurance.

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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Making a Living Will

A living will lets you choose how to be treated if something life-threatening happens. We look at 4 questions you should ask before making a living will.

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5 Powerful Estate Planning Forms You Need Today

Estate planning forms protect you, your family and all of your assets. Find out the 5 forms you shouldn't go another day without.

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What Is Covered Under the South Carolina Lemon Law?

With most car owners prefer to buy a new car whenever they can afford it, some companies are even starting […]

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