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Your Guide to Understanding the Different Types of Power of Attorney

Studies show that your ability to solve simple math problems and handle financial matters may be the first skills that […]

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10 Steps to Making a Will -- And Why You Need a Lawyer to Help

Have you written your will yet? If the answer is no, this is something you should not ignore. Every adult […]

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Probate Litigation: How to Deal With Estate Disputes

It is a sad, but true reality. All too often when people die, the loved ones they leave behind don't […]

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5 Estate Planning Myths Debunked

Common Estate Planning Myths Developing an estate plan involves a process that people tend to postpone until their golden years, […]

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What is a special needs trust?

Trusts are one of the main tools used by estate planning attorneys. Setting up a trust can help ensure that […]

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South Carolina Probate Process Part 2

Locating the assets and debts of an estate is one of the largest undertakings in the probate process. It can […]

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South Carolina Probate Process Part 1

When an individual dies, typically, at least some of the property that individual owned will be subject to probate. This […]

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What Are Nonprobate Assets?

Whether you are planning your estate or you are the executor of someone else’s estate, it is crucial that you […]

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Importance Of Discussing Inheritance With Your Children

You may not have discussed inheritance with your children yet, but it is an important conversation to have. Most families […]

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Changing A Will

Your circumstances and those of your family will change over time – in fact, it would be odd if your […]

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