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What Are The Components That Make Up An Effective Trust?

A Trust has three major components. The first is the detailed instruction about the administration of the Trust itself. This […]

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What Actually Is a Trust?

A Trust is a fiduciary relationship between parties, and it allows a Trustee to hold assets on behalf of a […]

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Do I Need To Have An Attorney Involved In Funding A Trust?

Yes, we believe it’s always advisable to seek legal assistance when funding a trust, especially when you’re dealing with the […]

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Can I Add An Asset To My Trust At Any Time?

Absolutely, you can add assets to a trust at any time. This can be done by titling the asset from […]

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Advantages of Avoiding Probate

There are several important advantages that come from avoiding the probate process. First, time. If you are the owner of […]

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10 Steps to a Knockout Estate Plan

Estate Planning Basics: 10 Knockout Steps to a Great Plan. An estate plan is the smartest thing you can set up for yourself and for your loved ones. Learn these estate planning basics with these 10 knockout steps.

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What is a Living Will and Why is it Important to Have One?

What is a living will? A living will, which is also referred to as an advanced directive, is a legal document that decides a person's end of life medical care.

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Do I Need a Will? Who Needs a Will and When

A lot of people assume they'll get around to their will or they think "Do I need a will, really? At my age?" The answer is still yes - here's why.

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What Is a Guardian vs Power of Attorney? Your End of Life Titles Guide

When someone is losing their ability to think clearly or is too young to make decisions, there's a legal process. Learn what is a guardian compared to POA.

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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Making a Living Will

A living will lets you choose how to be treated if something life-threatening happens. We look at 4 questions you should ask before making a living will.

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