Estate Planning Services

Estate planning, more than almost any other legal practice area, is personal. Though there are certainly laws and regulations that apply to everyone, how you choose to handle them and craft a plan that best works for you and your family involves a multitude of deeply personal choices.

Given the intimate nature of estate planning, it is crucial that you not only hire an estate planning attorney whose experience you trust, but who you believe understands and can help implement your wishes.

Common Estate Planning Questions:

Probate Litigation: How to Deal With Estate Disputes

It is a sad, but true reality. All too often when people die, the loved ones they leave behind don't only mourn them. They also get into heated battles over the deceased's estate. Probate litigation is one way of handling your loved one's estate. The process can...

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5 Estate Planning Myths Debunked

Common Estate Planning Myths Developing an estate plan involves a process that people tend to postpone until their golden years, their kids enter college, retirement, or the birth of grandchildren.  While these significant life-changes certainly merit...

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What is a special needs trust?

Trusts are one of the main tools used by estate planning attorneys. Setting up a trust can help ensure that your assets go to your loved ones as efficiently as possible, and in a way that makes sense given the specific situation of the grantor and the...

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South Carolina Probate Process Part 2

Locating the assets and debts of an estate is one of the largest undertakings in the probate process. It can be quite challenging to track down all of the assets a decedent possessed, and it can be even more challenging to figure out all of the debts that...

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South Carolina Probate Process Part 1

When an individual dies, typically, at least some of the property that individual owned will be subject to probate. This means that the property must go through a formal probate process to be distributed according to the individual’s will. Even if the...

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What Are Nonprobate Assets?

Whether you are planning your estate or you are the executor of someone else’s estate, it is crucial that you understand the difference between probate and nonprobate assets. Nonprobate assets are essentially assets that do not have to go through probate upon the...

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