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Through mergers and acquisitions, businesses adapt to changing environments and continue to grow and thrive. Business owners and executives must carefully plan mergers and acquisitions, taking numerous factors into account. Without sound legal guidance, these owners may take steps that hurt the future of the business. At the De Bruin Law Firm, our Greenville, South Carolina business law attorneys are experienced in various deals and provide quality legal advice to our clients.

What is Mergers and Acquisitions law?

During a merger, two unique companies, typically comparable in size, combine to create a single company. During an acquisition, one corporation takes over another business. The company that is acquired becomes part of the larger company, and the larger company acquires all of the rights and duties of the smaller company. Though often used interchangeably, mergers and acquisitions have different goals. With the assistance of our attorneys, clients are able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of entering into these deals.

We work with our client’s through each part of the deal

Our business law attorneys will provide guidance and advice through each phase of a merger and acquisition deal. When we begin discussing the deal, we will gain an understanding of your objectives and ensure that any proposed deals will help you achieve those goals. We treat your business as we would our own.

We are experienced in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • Creating a list of potential businesses to buy or sell to
  • Creating and reviewing a confidential information memorandum that lays out pertinent information about selling your business
  • Creating and sending a solicitation of interest to express interest in buying another company
  • Addressing concerns about employees who work for the business that is being acquired or sold
  • Negotiating fair purchase prices, seeking the guidance of a team of experts when necessary
  • Advising our clients of any tax consequences the deal may have
  • Reducing liability as much as possible
  • Coordinating meetings to discuss the details of the deal with buyers and sellers
  • Conducting due diligence to verify all of the facts and figures cited in the deal
  • Drafting purchase agreements that clearly lay out all the terms and conditions of the deal
  • Finalizing the deal
  • Assisting clients with any post-closing issues

Our broad experience in mergers and acquisitions allows us to anticipate issues that may arise and take proactive measures to protect our clients’ interests.

We provide tailored counsel to your business

No merger or acquisition is the same. Businesses vary significantly by size, industry, and revenue. Further, the terms of a transaction also vary depending on the goals of the deal. The ever-changing economy also significantly impacts deals. With so many elements that may affect the terms of a deal, businesses need attorneys that understand the environment of a transaction and how it will affect their clients. Our attorneys carefully study the characteristics of your business and the climate of the market to plan the best route for a new deal. Advice for one company is not necessarily good advice for another company. In addition to being skilled business lawyers, our attorneys are also experienced business owners, which provides us with unique insight into our clients’ business deals. We know how to navigate these complex transactions and ensure that our clients’ legal interests are protected and that their goals are met.

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What Our Clients Say

  • This is the company I decided to use in purchasing my house with Veterans United Home Loans. Although I didn't deal with them directly for 95% of the process, the 5% I did have the opportunity to interact with them was very professional. We came in to the office, signed our documents and got out. 10/10 would recommend.

    Tyler L. Avatar Tyler L.
  • Aaron worked on both of my cases & both ended up great ! Would highly recommend

    Brianna E. Avatar Brianna E.
  • When I have been involved in a real estate closing, a Will, a Trust or a Debt recovery, the legal team at the DeBruin Law Firm have been a great help to me. Gary, Aaron and Bryan are great attorneys and very easy to deal with. They are able to handle all sorts of legal matters with a no-nonsense approach and I consider them a great asset.

    J T. Avatar J T.
  • I had Mr Aaron De Bruin to represent me on a family case and i thought he did an outstanding job. He made himself easily accessible. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call him and reach him at any time. Any questions I had he would answer them in a swift manner. Also before he made any decission he would ruin them by me first. I would recommend The De Bruin Law Firm to anyone i know that needs a lawyer. Thank you Mr. De Bruin.

    Jymel J. Avatar Jymel J.
  • Excellent customer service! Our paralegal, Katie, was wonderful with communication and executing all documents for home buying and selling. We will definitely recommend De Bruin Law and use them again. Thanks Katie and kudos to your super staff!

    Eric and Elizabeth

    Eric S. Avatar Eric S.
  • What a blessing to have such a solid team to advise us on all of our legal matters from personal estate planning to business protection. We are very thankful to have found Aaron and his family and look forward to many years of being represented by such a professional law firm.

    Stephanie M. Avatar Stephanie M.
  • We were first time buyers and needed a lot of hand-holding. De Bruin Law Firm made everything easier to follow and got as detailed as we needed. Our home-buying process went without a hitch thanks to our awesome agent and De Bruin Law Firm!

    Blake H. Avatar Blake H.
  • Best lawyers in Greenville ,dedicated, hard working and caring.

    Gail H. Avatar Gail H.
  • Helped me tremendously with a horrid legal issue. Worked across state lines, and did everything possible to correct an egregious government error.

    Len H. Avatar Len H.
  • I chose the De Bruin Law Firm to represent me after I was arrested for DUI. Aaron, my attorney, worked hard on my case and I was pleased with the outcome. His professionalism and punctuality in response to my questions and concerns was a true testament that he was dedicated to representing me and my case. These stressful times were definitely a relief with Aaron on my side. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing legal advice and professional representation.

    Zach S. Avatar Zach S.

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