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For over thirty years Gary De Bruin has been helping businesses grow and become successful. Whether it’s a locally owned small business or a large international manufacture, Gary has been there to provide his business development counsel along the way.

Not only has Gary provided legal services throughout his career, he’s also successfully owned and managed his own business endeavors along the way. From restaurant franchises, to international logistic companies and manufacturers, and even a few tech companies along the way.

Gary currently still owns a few companies around the United States in which he continues to manage and grow. Once such company, Custom Cigar Molds, LLC is the world’s largest plastic cigar mold manufacturer.

Bryan De Bruin has also owned his own businesses outside of the De Bruin Law Firm. Most recently, Traffic Recalls, LLC, a South Carolina based legal tool that allows personal injury attorney’s, insurance companies, and other industries to download and view recorded traffic cameras and analytics throughout the South East.

The term “Business Law from a Business Perspective” is much more than a slogan at the De Bruin Law Firm. It is a firm commitment to help business owners succeed by creating a solid legal foundation and business plan.

Become a Business Development Client

We limit the number of Business Development Client’s to Five (5) per year in order to ensure the Business Development Clients of the De Bruin Law Firm receive the level of service they have come to expect. The following outlines the requirements and restrictions for small businesses who wish to utilize the De Bruin Law Firm’s Business Development and growth plan:

Prospective Client Business Development Requirements:

  • Annual Contract
  • For Profit Business
  • Greenville based small business (50 employees or less)
  • At least $250,000 in sales per year
  • Multiple Members (LLC) or Shareholder (Corporation)

10 Hour Package – Monthly payment of $1,750.00

20 hours per month of legal and business development counsel billed at a discounted rate of $175.00 per hour (per attorney).

Monthly Services:

  • 2 Business Development/Stargazing Calls
  • 1 Month in review outlining the tasks, objectives, and work that has been completed
  • 1 next month projection outlining the upcoming month’s tasks and objectives
  • Quarterly report and strategy session
  • As needed billable work

30 Hour Package – Monthly payment of $4,500.00

30 hours per month of legal and business development counsel billed at a discounted rate of $150.00 per hour (per attorney).

Monthly Services Included (in addition to hourly work):

  • 4 Business Development/Stargazing Calls
  • 1 Month in review outlining the tasks, objectives, and work that has been completed
  • 1 next month projection outlining the upcoming month’s tasks and objectives
  • Quarterly report and strategy session
  • 1 quarterly contract/agreement at no charge
  • Annual strategy review and forecast
  • Annual business valuation
  • As needed billable work

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What Our Clients Say

  • DeBruin law firm was my home closing attorney, there are great. They competed everything in a timely manner and kept me up to date on the process. They were also very willing to explain the closing documents with me which I really appreciated as a first time homebuyer.

    courtney m. Avatar courtney m.
  • We were first time buyers and needed a lot of hand-holding. De Bruin Law Firm made everything easier to follow and got as detailed as we needed. Our home-buying process went without a hitch thanks to our awesome agent and De Bruin Law Firm!

    Blake H. Avatar Blake H.
  • We are very grateful For Bryan, Gary and Chelsey. They were very patient, worked very hard on our case and we got an amazing outcome. They answered all our questions and concerns in a timely matter and helped us through a tough time and it was always a friendly environment My husband and I would definelty recommend using this firm.

    Catherine N. Avatar Catherine N.
  • Best lawyers in Greenville ,dedicated, hard working and caring.

    Gail H. Avatar Gail H.
  • Awesome Service, Very helpful people at the DeBruin Lawfirm

    Mitchell B. Avatar Mitchell B.
  • This is the company I decided to use in purchasing my house with Veterans United Home Loans. Although I didn't deal with them directly for 95% of the process, the 5% I did have the opportunity to interact with them was very professional. We came in to the office, signed our documents and got out. 10/10 would recommend.

    Tyler L. Avatar Tyler L.
  • Helped me tremendously with a horrid legal issue. Worked across state lines, and did everything possible to correct an egregious government error.

    Len H. Avatar Len H.
  • Bryan was our attorney for our real estate closing and he was excellent. Bryan was very prompt to respond to any of our concerns and questions and very helpful with the whole process. Bryan also followed up with us after closing to ensure we our move went well and address any concerns we had once in our home. I would definitely use this firm again for our legal needs and recommend to anyone.

    Thomas N. Avatar Thomas N.
  • Aaron DeBruin was my husbands defense attorney recently regarding a high profile case in Walhalla, SC. Aaron fought really hard to prove my husbands innocence. If anyone knows anything about the small town of Walhalla, it’s a small town where it’s a battle to prove your innocence especially if you’re of color. Aaron took on a high profile and difficult case. He was very patient and kept me up to date with everything. Despite of the deniles of the bond hearings, Aaron continued to fight. My husbands case wound up going to trail after 10 months of incarceration in Walhalla county. Aaron has plenty of sleepless nights and early morning preparation during trial. I will never forget how hard Aaron fought in the courtroom! Aaron won his first case in Seneca SC! My husband was found not guilty on all charges once Aaron convinced jury of false allegations. I could go on and on but I’m here to tell you if you’re in the upstate of Greenville and need a defense attorney to fight for your innocence give this guy a call! You won’t regret it! I sure don’t! Not only was my husbands lawyer I feel like we both have gained a dear friend for life! Thank you Aaron!

    William C. Avatar William C.
  • Arron was very professional in handling our legal needs.Great experience. We will certainly recommend this firm to our family and friends.

    Sarah L. Avatar Sarah L.

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