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An arrest in South Carolina is a serious matter. A criminal conviction is a situation that can result in the loss of your job, the loss of your license, having to pay a fine, or even facing jail time. Defending yourself from the penalties and consequences of a criminal conviction can be a difficult and confusing process. Speak to Aaron De Bruin about how he can help defend you.

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Burglary and Theft Charges

Greenville Burglary Defense Attorney

A conviction for burglary has the potential to follow you for the rest of your life. In South Carolina, there are three (3) separate classifications for burglary: first, second, and third degree burglary. All three are classified as a felony charge. A burglary conviction may affect your employment and any future educational opportunities, and may result in imprisonment.

If you are charged with burglary, a criminal defense attorney can help. The criminal process can be difficult to understand and stressful to handle. Greenville Defense Attorney Aaron De Bruin represents and defends clients charged with the crime of burglary. We help our clients understand the judicial process while we defend their rights.

Greenville Defense Attorney

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"Because Your Future Deserves a Defense."

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